Cancer Expert Witness

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Medical Records Review

Thorough review of all patient medical records and radiological films to provide attorneys with a detailed analysis of all relevant treatment issues from the perspective of both a treating physician and litigant

Supporting and Opposing Affidavits

Assistance with preparation of supporting expert witness affidavits and detailed review and analysis of opposing expert affidavits in presuit investigation and all adversary proceedings

Document Review and Analysis

Review of all physician, hospital, and clinical records and internal protocol regarding the multitude of standard of care, diagnosis, causation, and treatment issues arising in litigation

Deposition and Trial Testimony

Deposition and trial testimony in all state and federal jurisdictions nationwide, review of deposition transcripts and exhibits for witnesses, parties, and opposing experts, and consult with attorneys who are preparing to take and/or defend fact and expert witness depositions

Consultation and Case Preparation

Consult with and assist attorneys in the development of case strategy, damage valuation, liability issues, and settlement and trial considerations

Assist attorneys in preparing for and presenting mock trials to assess liability and the strengths and weaknesses of their claims

Consult  with companies, physicians, and attorneys on risk avoidance and how to minimize legal liability in the recognition and treatment of cancer related illnesses and blood disorders

Expert Witness Reports, Findings, and Recommendations

Draft expert witness reports, findings, and recommendations for clients and review and analysis of opposing expert witness reports

Provide a realistic and honest professional opinion regarding the merits of a claim and the value of same

All State and Federal Jurisdictions

Assist with and provide testimony in all state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States

Appearance in person, telephonically, or by live video conferencing in all venues or jurisdictions

Arbitration and Mediation

Service as an expert witness in binding and non-binding arbitration proceedings and will attend mediation, provide reports, and/or consult attorneys in preparing for mediation


Will research and provide detailed findings regarding the latest technology, medical advancements, and legal considerations for claims, defenses, and treatment related issues

De Minimis Expert for Tobacco Related Malignancies

Assist attorneys in the evaluation and application of de minimis risk standards regarding tobacco use and environmental tobacco exposure