Tobacco Use in Patients Diagnosed With Cancer – American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) – “Policy Guidance on Tobacco and Cancer Clinical Trials”– Released April 9, 2013

Summary of AACR Tobacco and Cancer sub-committee statement:

(1) The oncology community should provide evidence based tobacco cessation programs for patients with cancer and individuals being screened for cancer.

(2) The oncology community needs to carefully document smoking history in a comprehensive fashion for all patients on clinical trials. Tobacco use should be evaluated as an independent factor in clinical trial outcomes.

(3) Remarkably a survey of National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated cancer centers according to the AACR found that “only 38% of the responding centers recorded smoking status as a vital sign and less than 50 per cent have dedicated tobacco cessation personnel.”

(4) According to the AACR statement a recent evaluation of 155 NCI Cooperative Group trials found that a tobacco history of any type was taken in only 29% of cases.

(5) The AACR report effectively has strongly suggested a comprehensive tobacco history should be obtained at every office visit, smoking cessation programs should be instituted and the role of tobacco use in clinical trials needs to undergo far greater scrutiny.

Comment: This is a sobering report…we can do better.

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18 July 2013, 09:17
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